Digital Video KYC Solution for
Banks & Financial Institutions

Introducing India’s most trusted V-KYC solution by SimplyFI that helps to onboard thousands of customers every month by SEBI regulated institutions.

Help your customers open a digital account in 4 easy steps:

SimplyFI VKYC solution makes the customer onboarding process highly effective. Our Video KYC solution makes it easy for the bankers to do their customer’s KYC and save them a lot of time. Not only bankers but also customers are benefitted from the e-KYC solution which helps them to complete their KYC process from the comfort of their home.

Verification of information provided by the Customer

Customer picture clicked

PAN card picture is clicked

Audio-video interaction is validated

SimplyFI V-KYC Benefits

Digitization and Contactless technology are what needed in today’s world. We provide a convenient and the best video KYC solution in the industry that provides an effortless customer onboarding solution involving low cost and higher customer satisfaction. The quickest video KYC verification process and competition is what we deliver.

01. Reduction in time taken to complete kYC

02. Higher Application accuracy

03. Security ensured because of encrypted data

04. Store recording with a date-time stamp

05. AI-based face match tool

06. Competitive advantage over others

07. Swift integration process.

Choose how you want V-KYC to be deployed

Authenticate and onboard customer in the best possible way

The cost-effective and omnichannel customer engagement experience helps you to be with your customers at every step and helping them to complete the V-KYC process. The only secure video-based KYC that are compliant with authorities such as RBI, SEBI, GOI and, IRDA.