Holistic hospital management & information system

Hospital Management Software

I.C.E. Apple™ is a comprehensive web based ERP software solution for hospitals and Laboratories associated with several collection centers.h
In the era of supporting paperless information management system, I.C.E. Apple™ is known to be a key software for hospital management information system which is believed by several hundreds of our clients. It is observed from the customers that the Patient care, Productivity and Profitability have been enhanced after use.

Our customer engagement models and the robustness in the services after the implementation keep our clients to go on a word of reference for our new clients.

Knowledge transfer is also set of our focus. We are interested in mutual engagement towards the successful performance of the tool and the quality management of the entity.
Have I.C.E. Apple™ ! Experience the healing touch!
  • 30 modules for the services offered in the hospital
  • 5 Value added modules
  • Web Based Hospital Information Management System
  • Client Server Database Architecture
  • Portable Across Various Platforms
  • User friendly System Administration
  • Supports HL7, HIPAA & Di-com Standards
  • Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • Online MIS Dashboard
  • Interfacing with Barcode, Lab Equipments
  • Auto Generated SMS
  • Multi User and Multi Site Compatibility
  • Comprehensive User Security
  • Affordable for small, medium and big practices.
  • Cloud computing options available
  • Streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control
  • Maximize the resource utilization
  • Seamless workflow management
  • Rapid deployment and quick ROI
  • Web based Laboratory Information System
  • Android Mobile Application for Patient/Doctor & PRO
  • Supports HL7 protocol for third Party Software Interfacing.
  • Enable to configure N remote centers at multi Location with N Users.
  • Enable home collection & appointment management
  • Enable to configure pre printed barcode or real time barcode center wise.
  • Enable to scan and upload the patient prescription & panel document.
  • Enable to manage outsource sample tracking
  • Auto generated SMS to patient at the time of booking & report dispatch.
  • Auto generated SMS to referring doctors in case of critical value report.
  • Auto generated emailing of lab reports to patients /panels & referring doctors.
  • Result entry via machine interfacing (Lab Automation)
  • Well defined database of normal ranges, methods, comments and interpretations.
  • Separate module for histopathology & microbiology lab reports
  • Option to configure center wise TAT
  • Delta check option for pathologists
  • LJ & QC Charts
  • Instrument comparison report & critical value report
  • Auto approvals of reports within normal ranges
  • Online patient lab report
  • Interfacing of graph from equipment in lab reports
  • Interfacing of digital images in lab reports
  • PNDT Form
  • Auto consumption of reagents in inventory module
  • Audit log reports (Transactional & Master)
  • Enables center wise & department wise doctor payouts
  • Client invoicing & settlement
  • Enable to configure pre paid & post paid franchise business model
  • Enable to promote business through loyalty / membership program
  • Role based authentication & authorization
  • Dash board : Graphical representation of business analysis
  • Center wise / Department wise / Doctor wise / Panel Wise / Franchise wise Business analysis
  • Doctor/ Center / PRO Performance Tracker
  • System Implementation on time, within budget and to the right quality.
  • Leveraging intelligent – innovative – adaptive – high performance solutions
  • Expert Support 24 * 7
  • Comprehensive SLA(Service Level Agreements)
  • Supporting large and critical applications
  • Ensuring reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a significant Return on Investment
  • Rich domain expertise with knowledge of cutting edge technology skills
  • 15+ years of association with the healthcare domain
  • Reduced over 70% of the paper cost and saved the revenue.
  • Improved the hospital / laboratory information management environment and eventually increased the patient revisits.