Best ERP Software Services in Hyderabad

With the emerging technologies in place, every business is embracing custom enterprise solutions to gain a competitive advantage and seamless operational efficiency. ERP software Services have emerged rapidly as the best solution to meet every business objective. Pelicon Soft has been actively involved in offering ERP services for the last couple of years in Hyderabad.

Enterprise resource planning Service Company

Enterprise resource planning combines all the operation of bussiness. Bringing the inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution, invoice tracking, production planning, finance, HR, logistics, software, CRM on to a single framework. Moreover, to survive in todays competitive world, one must require the ERP Software Development Services. Also, we help to increase operational efficiency and enables better decision making & forecasting with ERP Software Services.

ERP Software Development Services in Hyderabad

At Pelicon, we have a team of ERP experts with over 10+ years of experience in implementing, consulting, and maintenance. With profound knowledge and proven expertise, we have been capable of providing custom ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are the strategic planners for many thriving businesses on the verge of digital transformation.

Why choose Pelicon's ERP services?
Pelicon leverages a seamless combination of expertise and mature industry solutions in ERP implementation, consultation, operation, and maintenance. Our value-driven custom ERP software solutions ensure you have the best ERP platform and top-notch services in place.
  1. ERP Modules:
  2. Sales Management
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Warehouse Management
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Finance and Accounting
  7. HR Management
  8. Third-Party Outsourcing
  9. Fixed Asset Management
  10. Authentication management
  11. Software Administration
ERP Service Portfolio:
Pelicon Soft is a leading end-to-end ERP software solutions provider with rich expertise in delivering industry-specific solutions. It includes
  1. ERP implementation
  2. ERP promotion
  3. IT planning
  4. System upgrade and technical services
  5. ERP System Customization and Development
  6. Operation and Maintenance
  7. Training


Reduces manual and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 60%.
Through customized dashboards you can gain daily cash balance visibility.
Save up to 90% in IT costs associated with maintenance, integration, and upgrading.
Real-time visibility across your organizations enables quick and effective decision making.
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