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Data is pivotal in the current technology-driven market to assess business functionality and its growth. Pelicon Software Solutions is a leading Data Analytics services provider company helping businesses of various sizes in avoiding data silos. We leverage modern data acquisition and processing methodologies to unlock the potentiality of all data.

Artificial Intelligence Company in Hyderabad

Peliconsoft is the growing Artificial Intelligence Services company in Hyderabad. With an experienced data scientists we help to transform your bussiness into modern and intelligent systems.Artificial Intelligence Services not only improve the speed in the work enivornment, but also increase the accuracy and effeciency. AI enables the humans to rethink and devlop practical solutions.

Top Big Data Analytics Company

Pelicon software solutions provide real-time data insights that empower your decision making capability quickly and effectively. We have a team of highly effeicient data analysts can help you to use the right data analytics solutions to your bussiness. Moreover, our data analytics services help you in revamping your business bottom line operations and explore growth opportunities.

Acquiring and processing real-time data for your business growth


Our full gamut of data analytics services and solutions are designed to acquire and process data in various formats to unlock your growth opportunities and position you as a leader in the market. Pelicon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies ensure you won’t miss any critical data.
  1. Insights, forecast, and custom visualization
  2. Asset based analytics-as-a-service
  3. Advanced data analytics strategy building.

Industries we serve

Pelicon Software solutions has a wonderful team of data analysts and scientists to develop custom data analysis strategies for various businesses. We have extensive experience in managing data and utilizing it for the growth of our clients.

  1. Retail and consumer
  2. Industrial
  3. Travel and transportation
  4. Financial services sector


  1. Accelerate and improve decision-making ability.
  2. Gives you competitive advantage over your competitors.
  3. You can view real-time data insights to revamp business operations.
  4. Low investment and maintenance costs.
  5. You can focus on core business functionality than on data collection.
Are you struggling to streamline your business data and lack real-time decision making? Let our data analysts handle it.

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